There are promotions out there that are offering a free Walmart gift card with shopping values up to one thousand dollars. You know the old saying, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is not. We wanted to check this out for ourselves to see if this was a serious offer or just promotional hype. walmart onewire

What I found is that there are different free Walmart gift card offers that are available, some are actually free while others cost a small amount. You really have to shop around to find the cheapest, or no cost, offer that is available. What I did find is that the completely free offers are some of the hardest to get your hands on, but they are available. Most of these offers require you to complete signups or trials for products that usually requires you to pay a small fee. On average, to complete each offers costs no more than a few dollars.

To get the process started for a free, or almost free, Walmart gift card you usually have to submit your email address. This should not really bother you because you can always opt out of the program later and the company offering you the gift card will not send you anymore promotional email. Once you submit your email you will then start the process of completing the requirements to get your card. You will also be asked to fill out a short survey, so the promotional company can get a better idea who you are.

Of all the free gift card programs out there I think the one offered to Walmart really is the best during these tough economic times. Walmart has just about everything a family would need, including groceries, clothes, and household items. What is even better, you know that if you buy it at Walmart you are stretching your penny as best you possibly can.