How Can I NOT Serve You?

Last week I was doing some research on Keyword Tools and besides the standard WordTracker and Trellion, I came across what looked to be a pretty good product. I’m not going to name it here because, #1, it wasn’t a very good product and #2, my experience trying to get a refund left an even nastier taste in my mouth. Let me back up just a bit. 4029357733

Keyword research is critical to the success of any organic or PPC effort. If you’re not optimizing your content, page titles, PPC ads, etc. for the keywords/phrases that people are actually searching for, you’re wasting precious time and in the case of PPC, money.

I used the free search term suggestion tool found at the site for my immediate needs, but stumbled upon another tool that offered a free trial. As soon as I requested that, I learned it wasn’t really a free trial but that when you signed up and gave them $97, they offered a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. I also noticed there was a tick box that gave you access to their private membership for just $47/month after 2 months of free access. I declined that offer and proceeded to give them my credit card (PayPal) details.

My PayPal order was confirmed, including an auto-charge subscription to the member site I didn’t want to sign up for. I immediately logged into PayPal and canceled it. I am a little irritated at this point, as you can imagine.

By the way, nowhere on the site was their information about system requirements, etc.

So, within seconds of my order I was sent to a standard success page where I was instructed to download Adobe AIR along with the program files for this keyword research tool. No explanation why I needed to do this or how it worked with the program, but since Adobe is a company I work with frequently, I considered them a trusted source and downloaded the program. I then attempted to run the keyword research tool and it just plain didn’t work. There were no instructions on how to install, and no .exe files, etc., so I was perplexed and had also wasted about 45 minutes of time.

I sent a support ticket in saying it didn’t work. Would they care to assist or would a refund be easier? No reply.

The next day I sent another email requesting a refund. No reply.

Meanwhile, they are sending me every day an auto-responder about PPC secrets. I’d respond to these saying “gee thanks, but I have STILL not received my money back-guarantee refund.

I don’t give up easy. I submitted several support tickets through a couple of sites this company owns. No reply; no surprise. I then went on a hunt for their phone number. They did a GREAT job hiding this, but not quite good enough. I tracked their office # down and got their voice message system. I let them know as nice as possible that I was getting tired of the run around. Just refund the $97 bucks and I’d go away.

Five days later and no refund, no contact, nada.

Finally I submitted a Dispute Resolution with PayPal. I didn’t do this right away because my experience in the past with a “digital delivery” vs. tangible good is that I had no recourse. I’m guessing PayPal automatically notifies a vendor when someone disputes a charge and that vendor can either say “too bad” or choose to give a refund. Such was the resolution of my case. I now have $97 back in the bank and enough disgust for this company to sour anyone who is thinking of using their product. I hope you never get “served” like I did from this company.